We, the Carnatica Brothers K.N.Shashikiran & P.Ganesh, are South Indian Classical duo singers. We live in Chennai, but hop around the world for most part of the year, performing concerts, lecture demonstrations, conducting workshops and camps and teaching our students around the world! If you'd like to contact us for performances or if you'd just like to say hi, feel free to mail us at carnaticabrothersatgmaildotcom! :)
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More from Europe

The Europe tour has been amazing so far! The response we've received for our concerts has been overwhelming! Our concert at the South Asian Arts Museum in France was an unforgettable experience. The audience first wanted an encore and then, in the end, they all rose in unison and gave us a standing ovation - a wonderful moment that I will cherish for a long time to come!

The Munich concert was equally memorable. It was covered by the German National Radio and they also did an interview with me - it was fun! We stayed at the Indian Counsel General's house and I had a great time teaching there!

I've also been having fun composing Pallavis in French, German and also one about the Eiffel Tower, in Tamil!

The Tamil pallavi goes like this in bilahari: paarinil unak eederillai paris nagar tower eiffel! (There is no equal to you in the world, O Eiffel Tower of Paris!)

One of the French Pallavis I composed is in Mohanam and the lyric goes like this: Salut Paris, ville de la beauté et de la culture! (Salutations Paris, O city of beauty and culture!)

We're having a great time and looking forward to the rest of the tour!


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Concert Schedule

  • July 29th - Aug 26th (Mon-Fri) - Carnatic Summer Course (Middlesex Community College)
  • Aug 14th - Aug 16th - Chicago (Workshop for Akshaya)
  • Aug 27th - Sept 11th - Carnatic Summer Camp (Novi, Michigan)
  • Sept 12th - World Peace Concert (Detroit)
  • Sept 18th - Oct 13th - Europe tour (Details will be put up soon!)

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Shashikiran's solo renditions & his musical score for the dance-drama 'Silappadikaram'

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